Acts & Regulations

A list of the Acts and Regulations which govern the funeral directing and embalming professions.

Applications and professional information

All professional information and forms can now be reviewed and downloaded on this web site. If you have any problems, please contact the office.

CEC Information

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Important information and resources for funeral professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Apprentice Reporting and Practicum Documentation

Use the Practicum Documentation forms for every case you are reporting that you completed or were actively involved in for Funeral Directing and Embalming. You can edWhile there are many activities listed on the practicum form to demonstate an apprentice's involvement in a funeral procedure, not all of these constitute a completed funeral procedure case. Please contact the Board office if you have questions. Please be sure to have your mentor sign it and file with the Board Administrator when reports are due. Reports must be completed directly following each case conclusion.
Case form cases 1-7
Case form cases 8-14
Case form cases 15-21
Case form cases 22-28
For cases beyond case 28, please edit the case form to reflect the case number.
In addition, please complete the Funeral Director Report Summary for every six-month report interval. This document must be submitted along with your practicum documentation, and updated, signed Mentor Agreement.
If you are an embalmer, please complete the embalmer report summary and practicum documentation after the first 12 months of your apprenticeship and the final 10 months. If your apprenticeship continues beyond 22 months, you must continue to submit reports at the regular intervals. In order for a case to be considered an embalming case, key aspects of embalmings must be completed by the apprentice under the direct supervision of the licensed approved mentor. These key aspects include areas such as vessel selection and raising, selection and injection of chemicals, case analysis, suturing, cavity aspirations, cavity treatments, embalming treatments, and the apprentice must demonstrate clear understanding and experiences in the areas included on the embalmer practicum report, overall. Applications for examinations will be denied is case requirements and/or the minimum duration of 22 months has not been applied at the time of application for the written examination.