Acts & Regulations

EFDA Chapter 144 of the Revised Statutes, 1989 amended 2003, c. 19, s. 7 EFDR This version is copyright C 2014, Province of Nova Scotia.

Professional Information

All professional information and forms can now be reviewed and downloaded on this web site. If you have any problems, please contact the office.

CEC Information

The NSBREFD has now made it possible for all licensees to check their continuing education credit hours. Please be sure to remember your log in code.

Approved Continuing Education Credits

Please note: Dignity University courses are not valid towards continuing education credits
Approved CCFS online courses are as follows:
Overworked: Stress, Burnout, and the Funeral Professional - 3 credits (funeral director or embalmer)
Effective Conflict Resolution - 3 credits (funeral director or embalmer)
West Nile Virus and Superbugs - 2 credits (embalmer)
CJD - A Deeper Understanding - 2 credits (embalmer)
Embalming for Long-Term Preservation - 2 credits (embalmer)
Is Your Chemical Disinfectant Killing Everything? - 2 credits (embalmer)
World Religions Part 1 - 2 credits (funeral director)
World Religions Part 2 - 2 credits (funeral director)
Cremation - A Historical Perspective - 2 credits (funeral director)
Ethics - A Basic Understanding - 1 credit (funeral director or embalmer)
Are you ready for the Pandemic? - 2 credits (funeral director or embalmer)
Alternate Forms of Disposition - 1 credit (funeral Director)
Cremated Remains - From the Sea to the Stars - 1 credit (funeral director)
Negotiation - How to Reach Agreement - 1 credit (funeral director)
Organizational Change - Succeeding and Implementing Change in the Workplace - 1 credit (funeral director)
Specialty Chemicals - 2 credits (embalmer)
Time Management - Using your time Wisely - 1 credit (funeral director or embalmer)
Training Apprentices - Sponsor Training Course - 2 credits (funeral director or embalmer)
The Funeral Home's Obligations to Provide Quality Embalming - 2 credits (funeral Director or Embalmer)
Click here for the CCFS website
FSAC approved online courses are as follows:
Coping with Grief for Victims of Crime v2 - 1  credit (funeral director)
Click here for the FSAC website
Previous events approved for credit:
Atlantic Provinces Funeral Directors and Service Convention
FSANS Fall General Meeting
New Brunswick Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association 2018 Educational Seminar
APFD & SC Atlantic Conference Convention
Directors, FDAs & Support Staff Orientation Seminar and Refresher
Helping the Helpers Education Seminar
Cremation Association of North America - Online Crematory Operators Program - 6 credits (funeral director)
Click here for the C.A.N.A. website
2019 Dodge Tecnical Seminar - Savannah, Georgia
May 8 - 9, 2019 - 8 credits (embalming)
2019 FSANS Annual General Meeting and Profession Development June 4-5, 2019 Holiday Inn, Truro, NS
The Canada Funeral Peer Support Group 1 credit for embalmer or funeral director 

Seminar- Michael Johnston 1 credit for embalmer or funeral director

Seminar -Bill Sampson – Embalming Chemicals 2 credits for embalmer